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Tips for Hiring an Appliance Repair Service

Tips for Hiring a Trustworthy Appliance Repair Service

“Your appliance broke, but who do trust to do the repair? Avoid any further damage. Find a certified appliance mechanic for your appliance needs, and save time, stress, and money.”

No one wants an unexpected expense of a broken appliance. Sorting through different companies and finding a reputable appliance repair service can be complicated. There are countless stories about people shelling out hundreds of dollars to find out that they didn’t have to pay as much. 

Most people do not understand home appliances’ inner workings and may question if the device needs general maintenance, replacement parts, or a whole new unit.

You might be thinking. “All appliance mechanics are the same, right? They all know how appliances work and what the problems are, so why does it matter?”

It matters a lot. 

That’s why we’ve created a list of essential tips to know before you call and hire an appliance mechanic. Even if you do not contact us, we hope you will read this list and come to understand what truly makes a professional appliance repair mechanic.

1.) Google Reviews

appliance repair review

Asking people you know is always best when looking to hire for home repairs, but if you don’t know who to ask, online reviews are considered the best way to go. Customers leave honest information about their experiences with businesses, and reviews prove reliable and primary sources for customers in search of professionals. Feel free to read reviews for Appliance Mechanics.

2.) Certifications, Insurance, Licensing

appliance repair certified

A hired, uncertified mechanic might take a look at your appliance and take it apart. If your “mechanic” isn’t certified, he could break your machine, not know how to put it back together, or worse, charge you for it.

Check that the appliance repair service carries state and federal certifications, proper state insurance, and licensing. The team from Appliance Mechanics has no problem showing you these essential qualifications. All you have to do is ask. If an appliance mechanic does not have these documents, do not hire them.

3.) Appliance Repair Experience

appliance repair experience

Experienced professionals will be able to diagnose your broken appliance quickly because they have seen the same problems repeatedly. They know what steps to take and how to get your device back to order. Appliance Mechanics has 45 plus years of combined experience. You will only get quality, certified appliance services.

4.) Hire Local

Big named retail chains are not always a wise choice because consumers call based on name recognition from an ad or commercial and do not receive the expected “as advertised” service. Unless the consumer reads all of the small print, the service is usually disappointing.

These companies are often run by individuals who own a big name or retail chain but conduct business separate from the corporate brand. You may see an ad for a discount, which they give you, but then you pay extra for non-essential maintenance. A good local company with a solid reputation is honest, sincere and will tell you the truth about your appliance.

Hiring a local company supports the local community. When you call Appliance Mechanics, you can be sure that the company has worked in Snohomish County for an extended time and has built lasting customer relationships. 

5.) Consumer Reports Refers Independent Appliance Services

You have the right to call anyone you want to find out who will best fix your appliances. An independent contractor will tell you if you only need a replacement part and doesn’t need to sell you an entirely new component.

Consumer Reports investigated the best and worst repair services and surprisingly found that customers reported independent repair mechanics performed better and provided a much higher customer experience than retail chains or the appliance manufacturer.

6.)Appliance Research

Appliance Mechanics offers many facts and information about appliances on our website. See our Services section to read about ovens, refrigerators, washers and dryers, dishwashers, and more for a complete overview of lifespans, replacement parts, and common problems.

6.) Ask How the Bill is Calculated

Most often, service bills include:

  • A fee for the initial diagnostic visit
  • An hourly rate for labor
  • Any required or replaced parts
  • Additional costs and billing are dependent on the individual situation. 

Appliance Mechanics is known for excellent customer service communications, so we are more than happy to answer questions with a phone call or email. You have access to our technicians, office, and staff at (425) 212-9076. 

We encourage you to do homework before hiring a reliable team that will help you fix your broken appliances. Feel free to: 

  • Follow our guidelines
  • Call friends or family members for recommendations. 
  • Check out reviews, and ask lots of questions. 
appliance repair

We hope you choose Appliance Mechanics for expert Snohomish County appliance repair.

You can trust that Appliance Mechanics is a team of Lake Stevens and Snohomish county appliance repair specialists that are looking out for you. There is nothing more important to Appliance Mechanics than your positive customer experience. 

Call the knowledgeable team at Appliance Mechanics, Snohomish County, to receive expert, genuine care from certified mechanical professionals, and you won’t have to call anyone else again.

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