Ice Maker Repair

Ice makers are an exemplary symbol of modern technology and convenience. There is nothing better than fresh cold ice to cool drinks down, make smoothies, or have on hand for an emergency. 

Ice makers are part of refrigerator and freezer systems.

In ice makers, a timer controls an electromechanical valve called the solenoid valve. The solenoid valve uses a magnetic field to generate and control the amount of water used to make the ice. The timer opens the valve to dispense water into a metal or plastic mold. 

The timer opens the solenoid valve and then closes it for 30 minutes to allow the water to fill and freeze. The molding tray contains a heating element that melts the ice just a tiny bit, so the ice does not stick to the tray. When the ice is ready, a rotating arm dumps the ice into the freezer’s bin. 

Ice makers make several different kinds of ice. The best ice produced by an ice maker is crystal clear ice. The reason ice should be clear is that it is a sign that the water is pure. Cloudy ice is an indication that the water has impurities and sometimes could lead to a bad tasting drink. A filtration system is best for the reduction of cloudy ice. Replacing the filter every six months is the best way to keep ice fresh.

Ice makers are relatively easy to diagnose when having problems. We are happy to share several tips if your ice maker isn’t doing its job. If your ice maker is giving you a hard time and you think it is something other than a simple solution, then give us a call.

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Common Ice Maker Problems

Ice Tastes Bad.

There is another reason besides an old filter for why your ice is tasting bad. Another cause for foul-tasting ice is how long your ice has been sitting. If the ice has been in the freezer bin long enough, it will take on the smell of unwrapped food in your freezer. Tightly wrap food so that the ice does not absorb odors, or simply dump out the ice and allow for new ice.

Ice Maker Does Not Dispense Enough Ice.

A frozen water line can be to blame for a non-productive ice maker. A clogged or broken water inlet valve could be malfunctioning. Some water inlet valves have pause features that can be unknowingly activated. A clogged filter or a faulty thermostat can also halt ice production.

Ice Maker Makes Too Much Ice.

If the bin below the ice maker is unbalanced, it doesn’t communicate with the ice maker to tell it to stop producing the ice. The tray sits on top of a metal paddle that can break. If the metal paddle breaks, the replacement of the entire ice maker is necessary.

Ice Maker is Leaking.

Both the ice maker and refrigerator may be off-balance. Make sure both appliances are perfectly balanced and level. The water supply line can become kinked or damaged, causing the ice maker to slow down or not correctly freeze the ice. 

Does Not Dispense Enough Ice

A clog or frozen water valve is problematic and yet may continue to dispense some ice. Not enough ice is a sure sign that the valve will eventually completely freeze and not dispense any ice at all.

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