At Appliance Mechanics, we are very focused on the experience for our customer. When a residential appliance is broken and out of service, it is more than just an inconvenience. Because, let’s face it, our appliances are apart of our family, of our daily process! We don’t realize just how much we utilize our appliances until they’re not functioning properly.​

A unique facet of Appliance Mechanics are the types of Washington State electrical certifications we possess that many appliance companies do not. These certifications allow us to service hardwired appliances (e.g. dishwashers). Because when a customer calls, we don’t want to tell them we can only meet SOME of their needs.​

In addition, we provide each customer with a 2-hour window in which to expect a Service Technician. No more waiting around all day for your service. We make sure that your schedule doesn’t suffer alongside your appliance.​

When you call Appliance Mechanics, we make it our responsibility to help your daily family process get back on track by providing your family of appliances with just the right amount of TLC. And we are committed to doing so in a timely manner so your life doesn’t have to skip a beat.


Owner/Operator & Senior Technician

OLIVER leaves a great impression with customers allowing them to feel comfortable with our business knowing that we will do our best to take care of them and their appliance.​

One of Oliver’s characteristics that customers frequently comment on is his level of patience. Although not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about appliance service, it has become a big part of what sets Oliver and the Appliance Mechanics Team apart. While on-site, many of the the appliances need to be called into manufacturer tech support and the subsequent service process can become very labor-intensive. Oliver possess the patience to not only see every service call and job through to completion, he takes the time to ensure that each customer had a clear understanding of the process, the cost and the quality of workmanship they can expect.​


  • …has 27+ years of appliance service experience
  • …is both mechanically & technically savvy
  • …bring a family-oriented mindset to his work
  • …gives in-depth customer service
  • …provides exceptional after-service assistance

Luke Kroeger

Service Technician

LUKE is a very “real” person. He knows how to listen with the intent to hear our customers and their concerns. He is thorough, efficient and a great communicator. And, even though they prefer that their appliance wasn’t broken in the first place, customers have stated over and over how Luke feels just like family and they are always glad to welcome him into their home. Part of the reason for that is how consistent Luke is at ensuring the customer is aware of the service details…IN detail.​

Luke keeps most parts in stock right on his van to be able to complete the job on the first visit rather than having to order parts and come back out another time to install parts. He’s diligent and very determined to repair the appliance on that first visit. And when necessary, he will advise customers when the cost of repair will exceed the value of the appliance. He may even suggest investing in a new appliance.​

Luke is determined to complete jobs in a timely and organized manner. His confidence in his abilities is proven daily by successful service and grateful customers.​


  • …has 16+ years of appliance service experience
  • …is both personable and professional
  • …demonstrates family-oriented values
  • …provides in-depth customer-service interaction
  • …give exceptional assistance to each customer


Office Manager & Dispatcher

When customer’s call Appliance Mechanics, it is highly likely that Samm’s is the first voice they hear. Her exceptional ability to multitask allows her to serve both the customers and the team in the field professionally and efficiently. She brings an extremely high attention to detail, a trait that brings significant value to Accounts Payable & Receivable portion of the day-to-day at Appliance Mechanics as well as her role as Primary Dispatcher. And when they call, customers are always amazed by Samm’s “memory like a champ” as she can quickly recall past service and customer details over the phone…before even pulling up the customer’s account!

When asked about her role in the company, Samm says, “I greatly enjoy talking to my customers. Since I don’t usually get to associate my face or even my name to the AM brand, I love being able to interact with customers via phone and email and demonstrate the same level of quality and service that is demonstrated by Oliver and the team in the field.”


  • …holds a degree in business management
  • …functions as extremely goal oriented
  • …is Project+ certified
appliance repair



Daniel is an inspired individual who has stepped up to the challenge of joining the appliance apprenticeship program here at Appliance Mechanics. Daniel’s 10 years of experience in the industry has kick started him towards the 2000 hours needed to become the best technician that he can be. Each day Daniel strives to create a solid foundation, stellar customer service and an increased base of knowledge about the vast array of appliances we interact with on a daily basis. Daniel is highly motivated to becoming an exceptional Journeyman Appliance Technician. His excitement for life and love for family drives him to strive for the higher level of success, both personally and professionally.


  • …is technically and mechanically inclined
  • …provides a stellar customer service experience
  • …is Family orientated


We don’t charge an hourly rate like a plumber or electrician. Instead, we use a Per Job Rate. Every home and circumstances are different, so this allows us to quote you an exact price, up front, after diagnosis, before any work is performed.

Our service charge is $115 plus tax for most brands. This includes our trip to your home and the diagnosis of your problem. After the diagnosis is completed, you will receive a quote that will be the estimated cost of repair.  If you decide to complete the repair, the trip charge is included and factored in as a component of the estimated cost price. The total price is calculated as trip charge + parts + labor + tax.

*Apartment buildings, large complexes, boats, RV’s or any type of property that is difficult or time-consuming to access may have an additional charge.

All our repairs are backed by a 1 YEAR guarantee on parts and 90 DAYS on labor. For residential machines used in commercial settings, the guarantee is 30 days. 

* Pertaining to in-warranty coverages the manufacturer warranty may apply or supersede our guarantee

We accept cash, credit/debit cards and checks . We will process your card payment on the spot using a merchant. We do not store your card numbers. 

We do not use an invoicing service, so we request that payment is made when the job is complete. 

*Exception- Property management companies pre-qualified for Net terms.

Diagnosis is something that can only be done in person, diagnosing is the first step in determining the price of a repair. There are far too many variables to be able to provide an accurate diagnosis or price over the phone. We want to be sure we are providing accurate information and for this reason, it is our policy to only quote a price once one of our technicians has diagnosed your problem in person.

Our focus is appliance repair, currently we do not sell new or used appliances. For our customers who decide not to repair their appliance or if their appliance is beyond repair, we can refer a local appliance dealer at customers’ request. 

If you have any questions that haven’t been answered,

please text us at 425-470-6059