Dryers only need to do one thing, which is dry your clothes. Hours of usage, packing in too many clothes, or slamming the door add to the dryer’s functionality.

Dryers are basic machines that create and store heat while tumbling clothes. They do not require any work from the user besides loading them up and pushing a button.

Wear and tear are normal for dryers, and like any mechanical appliance, they need regular maintenance.

Dryer maintenance includes cleaning the ventilation system. The user needs to empty the dryer vent attached to the washer every cycle. The ducts that run from the dryer vent to the outside of the house also collect lint. 

The U.S. Fire Administration recommends a professional cleaning of the system every three months. Fifteen thousand house fires occur each year by ventilation ducts that were not adequately maintained.

A malfunctioning dryer can cause significant problems for your family. A broken dryer is a huge inconvenience. A dryer barely working is dangerous.

If you notice the dryer is running but having problems pushing through its cycle, ignoring the situation could lead to potential electrical problems. Please consult Appliance Mechanics for anything that makes you question the safety of any household appliance.

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Appliance Mechanics offers quality, certified appliance services in Snohomish, Skagit, Island, and Northern King Counties in Washington State. Our team consists of a combined 45 years in expert appliance mechanics. It is important to us that we respond to you quickly. We will find the problem, offer you a solution, and provide information for the future maintenance of your components.

We will find the problem, offer you a solution, and provide information for your components’ future maintenance.

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Style of Dryers

Vented Dryers

Vented standard dryers blow warm air through vents, and tumble clothes. The damp air releases outside through ducts.

Condensing Dryers

A condenser dryer is a ventless dryer. Heated air is condensed or recycled. Instead of releasing the heat through a vent, it absorbs the heat back into the condenser to cool the air. The air is then reheated and sent back to the tumbler.

Heat Pump Dryers

Heat Pump dryers work in a closed-loop to refrain hot air from emptying into the room. The dryer pumps the warm air into the clothes, then stops and waits for the air to cool while the clothes tumble. Then it repeats the cycle.

Stackable Washer-Dryer Combination

A combination washer and dryer unit saves space and uses the condensing dryer system. Stackables are smaller and typically take longer to dry clothes than larger machines.

We Service Most Popular Dryer Name Brands

Our team is familiar with the common types of diagnoses that occur with dryers and oven equipment. We have experience for most Major Appliances brands.

We Quickly Order and Replace Dryer Parts

Please note parts differ as per manufacturer and your service technician can help you decide on whether or not replacement makes sense in your situation.

Common Dryer Problems

Appliance Mechanics will find the solution to any dryer maintenance problems. Trust our mechanical appliance leading experts. 

The Dryer Won’t Start

If an appliance isn’t starting, then it isn’t receiving power. A blown fuse, a faulty start switch, a power supply line are all causes for its refusal to start. A broken door switch will keep the dryer from powering up. An overfilled lint screen can be the problem.

The Dryer Makes Strange Noises

Drum rollers and drum bearings can wear out over time. Bearings also wear on the axles. If these components are moving around and breaking, they will make noise. All of these parts are replaceable. The ventilation system may have caught a loose foreign object.

The Dryer Won’t Heat

The dryer’s thermal fuse may have blown if the dryer received a surge of electricity. These fuses are easy to replace. Lint build-up will keep a dryer from heating. An overloaded dryer may be too heavy and will not dry the clothes.

The Dryer Starts and Stops

The thermostat, thermal fuse, and thermal resistor detect if the dryer is overheating. If it is, these parts will stop mid-use. A dryer overheats because airflow is restricted.

Clothes Do Not Dry

The heating coils are a common problem if an excess of heat is pulling from them. A heavily loaded dryer, unclean vent, or clogged ventilation system will weaken the coils. The heat will not extract from the coils properly.

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