Ranges and Stovetops

While ovens primarily are used for baking, stovetops and ranges provide other cooking essentials such as boiling, frying, simmering, filleting, and other various and creative methods for food preparation.

Family chefs must have an excellent working stovetop to add to the family meal. If the range isn’t working, there could be several items that must be appropriately maintained. 

The most important thing about a malfunctioning stovetop is safety. If the stovetop isn’t working, not only will dinner not be served, but it could also signify that the equipment is not safe.

Don’t Panic. Call The Appliance Mechanic.

Appliance Mechanics is up to speed with the measures of safety in regards to stovetops and ranges. The team at Appliance Mechanics will fix your range quickly and make sure it is safe for your family. 

  • Appliance Mechanics also fixes ranges and other appliances in multi-family units. We are aware that safety is a high priority for the management of those properties.

Appliance Mechanics offers quality, certified appliance services in Snohomish, Skagit, and Northern King Counties. Our team consists of a combined 45 years in expert appliance mechanics. It is important to us that we respond to you quickly. We will find the problem. Offer you a solution, plus provide information for the future maintenance of your component.

Our team is familiar with the common types of diagnoses that occur with stovetops and oven equipment. We have experience with most name brand appliances. 

If you do not see your company brand, give us a call because chances are we service your product. We are happy to repair your oven quickly and get you back to cooking.

We also fix different types and styles of ranges and stoves. These include electric, gas-powered, electric coiled cooktops, electric smooth tops, and induction cooktops. We repair accessories for ovens, including overhead hoods or extra heating elements.

We Quickly Order Range and Stovetop Parts.

  • Burners
  • Burner Covers
  • Interchangeable accessories such as grills, griddles, warmers, fryer components
  • Controls
  • Control knobs
  • Drip pans, or drip pan devices
  • Grates

Common Problems with Ranges and Stovetops

Stovetops and ranges can present a wide range of issues that interfere with cooking. Common problems with electric stoves involve heating elements, broken wires, or an influx in the flow of electricity. 

Gas stoves often fail from inefficient sources of gas, the igniter, or old connections. While these are a few things that can interfere with the appliance, we provide the resources to fix these problems.

The Electric Burner Isn’t Heating.

The electric burner is not receiving power. Receptacles and switches can become unplugged or damaged. At times, the burner is faulty itself. Receptacles and switches also burn out as well as indicators, infinite switches, and sockets.

The Gas Burner Won’t Light.

If the gas stovetop is not producing a flame, a significant concern is the gas flow. If the gas is on, and you’ve been using a lighter or a match to get it started, it is probably the ignition switch. 

The Gas Burner Burns Too Slow.

Burners can get clogged, which inhibits the flame’s power. A good cleaning to the burner caps and grates can help, although they may need to be replaced.

One Burner Burns Too Hot.

An overheated burner could signify that the oven vent needs resetting in the right position. It also may mean that an infinite switch is not conducting the flow of electricity properly.

Electric Burners Spark When Turned On.

Damage to the heating elements can cause sparks. A fully loaded or heavy pot may add too much weight on the burner resulting is a loose wire connection. Sparks imply danger. Overheated or broken wires must be serviced by a professional.

A Burner Is Smoking.

A possible unseen spill, dirt, or cleaning residual may be under the burner. Grease or small food particles can stick to the bottom of the burners. They can be cleaned or replaced inexpensively.

Appliance Mechanics Adds Value to the Customer Experience.

Appliance Mechanics regard the customer’s experience as the most important aspect of appliance repair. We communicate with every customer in regards to payment, scheduling, the ordering of parts, and anything else they need to guarantee a positive outcome. 

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Appliance Mechanics repairs the above problems and more professionally and courteously. Your customer experience is our highest priority.  

Appliance Mechanics are the Snohomish, Skagit, Island, and Northern King County experts in oven and stove appliance repair. We will order your parts immediately, and we maintain communication with our valued customers.

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