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Our team consists of a combined 45 years in expert appliance mechanics. It is important to us that we respond to you quickly.

We will find the problem. Offer you a solution, plus provide information for the future maintenance of your component.

We will schedule an appointment with you promptly and within a two-hour window. You won’t have to wait all day for someone to show. A certified technician will diagnose the problem quickly and communicate to you the essential repairs. Don’t panic. Call the Appliance Mechanic.

Our team is familiar with the common types of diagnoses that occur with ovens and oven equipment. We offer the experience for most Major Appliances brands.

Give us a call because chances are, we service your products. We are happy to repair your oven quickly and get you back to the important things.

We also fix different types of ovens, ranges, stoves and cooktops, these include electric and gas. We repair accessories for ovens, including overhead hoods along with pop-up ventilation

We quickly order oven parts.

  • controller bands
  • dials
  • gaskets
  • heating elements
  • ignition wires
  • ignitors
  • relays
  • safety valves
  • self-cleaning latches
  • spark electrodes
  • spark modules
  • switches
  • temperature sensors
  • thermocouples
  • thermostat
  • valves

Common Problems with Ovens

Common problems with electric ovens involve heating elements, broken wires, or an influx in electricity flow. Gas ovens often fail from inefficient sources of gas, the igniter, or old valves. While these are a few things that can interfere with the appliance, we provide the resources to fix them.


The oven Won’t Turn On.

A common issue with an oven that won’t turn on is a broken wire or faulty controls. A bad broiling element, ignitor, or valves could also be at fault. Fixing these problems yourself could induce electric shock and needs to be evaluated by professionals.

The Oven Light Doesn’t Work.

Changing the light bulb is usually a quick fix. However, it could also be the light switch, light switch indicator, or connection wires. Replacement of these parts is available.

The oven Won’t Heat Up.

For a gas stove, a faulty ignitor may indicate a problem with the gas line, which needs a professional for an assessment. For an electric oven, the heating element may need replacement. We will carefully find the problem and communicate that to you.

The oven Doesn’t Heat to The Right Temperature.

If the oven isn’t heating to the right temperature, the temperature sensor is a probable cause. The inspection of the gas ignitor is the best option. For electric stoves, a check of the heating element will find the solution. In most cases, replacement of the temperature sensors often works. The oven’s temperature may also need to be recalibrated.

The oven isn’t Self-cleaning Properly.

The self-cleaning latch is a tricky component, and the latch is probably misaligned. There could also be a defective function selector.

Contact Appliance Mechanics

Appliance Mechanics repairs the above problems and more professionally and courteously. Your customer experience is our highest priority.  

Appliance Mechanics are the Snohomish, Skagit, Island, and Northern King County experts in oven and stove appliance repair. We will order your parts immediately, and we maintain communication with our valued customers.

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