Freezer Repair

Freezers save money by storing excess food and preserving freshness. A freezer stores bulk foods, meats, fish, leftovers, and conserves meals for a later date. Another hallmark feature is the safe preservation of food and protection from bacterial growth. 

Most freezers and refrigerators are attached, although there are also freezers that stand alone. Freezers come in a variety of styles and sizes. Each type of freezer has its own unique and distinct purpose.

Combination freezers and refrigerators work hard to keep food cold. Their consumption of power usage is between 100-250 watts and runs at an average cost of nearly $150.00 a year. 

Freezers and refrigerators units are considered the same item. However, they operate differently in several ways. The FDA recommends freezers maintain a temperature set at 0° F, while a suggested 40° F is for refrigerators.

After years of usage, freezers can have several problems that require maintenance. Freezers typically have the same types of issues and can be repaired in one day. If your freezer is not performing correctly, we are happy to take a look at it. 

We will find the problem, offer you a solution, and provide information for the future maintenance of your components.

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Common Freezer Problems

Frost is Building Up.

Clean coils assist in the everyday operation of a freezer. The freezer works more efficiently with clean coils, which will prevent ice build-up. Residual grime weighs heavily on the freezer’s ability to function. The defrost heater or auto-defrost could also be malfunctioning. 

The Freezer is Warm.

The thermistor or control board could be the culprit. A warm freezer indicates that the compressor is not being switched on by the control board. Making sure the door is securely closed could also be a problem. A jammed freezer will have to work much harder to keep food frozen.

The Freezer is Making Loud Noises.

The compression system will make rattling noises if it is failing. At times the motor of the compressor locks or jams. Within the system, the fan may malfunction, or the coils within the system get dirty or damaged. Surges of high voltage are also to blame for freezer damage.

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