Washing machines are tremendously large appliances with a multitude of moving parts. People run their washers continuously to clean and scrub their family’s laundry.

Standard washers use up to 40 gallons of water per wash, while energy-efficient machines use 14-20 gallons. Clothes washers fill, drain, agitate, and spin liquid all day long at 255 watts per cycle and cost ten dollars for each load.

You must have clean clothes, and a broken washing machine is a huge dilemma. Washers can have a multitude of symptoms that alert users when there is an issue. If you are unaware of the problems, and your appliance breaks, it may set you back financially.

Knowing how to use your washing machine properly is critical. You may think that you just dump clothes in, close the latch, and turn it on. Understanding how your particular make and model operates allows your washer to maximize its ability and work more efficiently.

Often, washing machines fail due to improper use, including setting the wrong adjustments or overloading. Whether your washing machine is bouncing off the floor or making banging noises, a certified mechanic will be needed to diagnose the problem, and get your device working again.

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Appliance Mechanics offers quality, certified appliance services in Snohomish, Skagit, Island, and Northern King Counties in Washington State. Our team consists of a combined 45 years in expert appliance mechanics. It is important to us that we respond to you quickly. We will find the problem, offer you a solution, and provide information for your components’ future maintenance.

We Service Most Popular Washing Machine Name Brands

These are a few examples of serviceable refrigerator appliance brands that we can help you with:

  • Dacor
  • GE
  • LG
  • Maytag
  • Samsung
  • Thermador
  • Whirlpool

Types of Washing Machines

There are different types, models, and varieties of washing machines. Appliance Mechanics will find solutions to fix the majority of malfunctioning washers.

  • Front Loading
  • Top Loading
  • Large Capacity
  • Smart Dispense
  • Vibration Reduction

We Quickly Order and Replace Washing Machine Parts

The Washer is Making a Clunking or Vibrating Sound.

A clunking sound typically means that your washer is unbalanced. You may have too many towels on one side while too little on the other side. Opening the appliance and sorting clothes equally most often solves the problem. Bearings can wear their seals over time, and either need resealing or replacement. Old bearings will produce a vibrating sound from the washer.

The Water Won’t Drain.

Replacement of the drain pump may be necessary. The drain pump can wear after several uses of the washer. Foreign objects left in clothing can damage the hose that connects to the drainpipe.

The Washer is Moving Slow or Won’t Spin.

Overloading the washer will slow the machine down. If you lighten the load, it could remedy the situation. However, if the appliance has been in continual use and working too hard, the motor coupler may need to be replaced.

The Washer Quits During Mid-Cycle.

The cold water inlet valve may be defective, or the timer that tells the valve when to open is not doing its job. Washers rinse in a cold water cycle, but a faulty valve won’t fill the machine. A washing machine will sit until the cold water rinse dispenses.

The Washer is Leaking Water.

Leaking water during a wash indicates a possible leak in the hose clamp or the drain pump. Both of these items are replaceable.

The Water Will Not Drain.

There could be a clog in the washer’s drain, hose, or pump. Wadded up material from clothing, and items left in pockets lodge into the drain pipe. Stuck particles cause damage to the drain. Removal of these items and cleaning the area is best.

  • These problems are frequently shared and do not include more serious, electrical, or plumbing situations. Highly technical matters need to be assessed by a certified mechanic. Be sure to call a professional before taking on any unknown issues regarding your washing machine.

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