We don’t charge an hourly rate like a plumber or electrician. Instead, we use a Per Job Rate. Every home and circumstances are different, so this allows us to quote you an exact price, up front, after diagnosis, before any work is performed.

Our trip charge is $130, plus tax. This includes our trip to your home and the diagnosis of your problem. After the diagnosis is completed, you will receive a quote that will be the estimated cost of repair.  If you decide to complete the repair, the trip charge is included and factored in as a component of the estimated cost price. The total price is calculated as trip charge + parts + labor + tax.

*Apartment buildings, large complexes, boats, RV’s or any type of property that is difficult or time-consuming to access may have an additional charge.

All our repairs are backed by a 1 YEAR guarantee on parts and 90 DAYS on labor. For residential machines used in commercial settings, the guarantee is 30 days. 

* Pertaining to in-warranty coverages the manufacturer warranty may apply or supersede our guarantee

We accept cash, credit/debit cards and checks . We will process your card payment on the spot using a merchant. We do not store your card numbers. 

We do not use an invoicing service, so we request that payment is made when the job is complete. 

*Exception- Property management companies pre-qualified for Net terms.

Diagnosis is something that can only be done in person, diagnosing is the first step in determining the price of a repair. There are far too many variables to be able to provide an accurate diagnosis or price over the phone. We want to be sure we are providing accurate information and for this reason, it is our policy to only quote a price once one of our technicians has diagnosed your problem in person.

Our focus is appliance repair, currently we do not sell new or used appliances. For our customers who decide not to repair their appliance or if their appliance is beyond repair, we can refer a local appliance dealer at customers’ request. 

If you have any questions that haven’t been answered,

please text us at 425-470-6059

Appliance Mechanics reserves The Right-to-Refuse Service.