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Are you one of those homeowners who tend to put off fixing your stove when something just doesn’t seem right? Perhaps you’ve experienced that familiar nagging issue, the quirky knob, or the occasional uneven cooking, and you thought, “I’ll get it fixed later.” But as the holiday season approaches, you suddenly find yourself in a culinary crisis. Your stove, the trusty centerpiece of countless festive feasts, has called it quits right when you need it the most. It’s a frustrating and stressful situation that many of us can relate to. 

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At Appliance Mechanics, our commitment to excellence is reflected in how we approach oven repair, regardless of its power source. We take pride in our extensive education, training, and ongoing investments in mastering the intricacies of ovens powered by electric and gas.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re ever in doubt about the state of your oven. We specialize in repairing appliances, including ovens, ranges, stoves, and cooktops. 

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Electrical Oven Repair

Electrical ovens are a common household appliance that relies on electricity as their power source. Repairing electrical ovens involves different considerations compared to gas oven repair.

Power Source: Electrical ovens use electricity as their sole power source. When conducting maintenance on electric ovens, professionals prioritize inspecting the electrical components, circuits, and heating elements to guarantee that the appliance is operating correctly.

Heating Elements: Electric ovens typically have one or more heating elements, including bake and broil elements. These heating elements can burn out or develop problems over time, requiring replacement.

Temperature Control: Electrical ovens use thermostats and temperature sensors to regulate heat. Repairing these components may involve calibrating the thermostat or replacing faulty sensors.

Safety: While electric ovens do not pose the same gas-related safety concerns as gas ovens, technicians must still take precautions when working with electricity. Proper insulation, grounding, and safety measures are crucial during electrical oven repair.

Circuitry: Electrical ovens are connected to dedicated circuits in your home’s electrical system. Repairing or replacing damaged wiring, circuit breakers, or fuses may be necessary if the oven is not receiving power.

Control Panels: Modern electric ovens often have digital control panels and electronic circuit boards for setting temperatures, timers, and cooking modes. Repairing these components may require specialized knowledge in electronics and circuit board repair.

Diagnostic Tools: Electrical oven repair often involves using multimeters and other electrical diagnostic tools to accurately identify issues with heating elements, sensors, and control systems.

Availability of Parts: Parts for electrical ovens, such as heating elements and electronic components, are generally more readily available than some specialized gas oven parts.

Gas Oven Repair

Gas ovens are a popular choice in many households due to their precise temperature control and even cooking. Regarding gas oven repair, there are several key differences compared to electric ovens:

Fuel Source: As the name suggests, gas ovens rely on natural gas or propane as their heat source. Electric ovens, on the other hand, use electricity to generate heat. This fundamental difference means that gas oven repair involves dealing with gas lines, burners, and safety precautions related to gas appliances.

Ignition Systems: Gas ovens typically have a pilot light or an electronic ignition system. Pilot lights require maintenance and can sometimes go out, leading to issues with heating. Electronic ignition systems can have problems, such as faulty ignition switches or spark electrodes that need replacement.

Safety Concerns: Gas oven repair involves a heightened focus on safety. Technicians must ensure that gas connections are secure and there are no leaks, which can be dangerous. Proper ventilation is crucial to prevent the buildup of potentially harmful gases like carbon monoxide.

Heat Distribution: Gas ovens may have different heat distribution mechanisms, such as convection fans or traditional radiant heating elements. Repairing these components requires specific knowledge and tools.

Complexity: Gas ovens tend to have more components than electric ovens. They may have additional features like broilers and multiple burners. Repairing these components, including the thermostat, control valves, and gas regulators, requires expertise in gas appliances.

Diagnostic Tools: Gas oven repair often involves specialized diagnostic tools to detect gas leaks, test ignition systems, and calibrate temperature controls accurately.

Professional Certification: Due to the safety considerations associated with gas appliances, technicians specializing in gas oven repair typically require certification and training to work on these appliances safely and effectively.

Appliance Mechanics is the trusted local appliance service provider in Snohomish and Lake Stevens.

Our Snohomish appliance repair service offers top-notch solutions. Our team of experts has an impressive experience of 50+ years in appliance mechanics. 

We take pride in our ability to diagnose and resolve issues efficiently, and we also give you expert advice on maintaining your appliance. 

Our family-oriented team has extensive knowledge of the most common diagnoses related to ovens and other related equipment. We service most major appliance brands and will restore your oven quickly and efficiently. We take pride in our work and strive to ensure you can focus on what truly matters. Please feel free to do so if you want to see our reviews.

We are familiar with the most common diagnoses associated with ovens and related equipment, and we service most major appliance brands. We take pride in restoring your oven efficiently so that you can focus on what truly matters. Feel free to see our reviews.

“Oliver (owner) came out on time to diagnose our Kenmore gas oven that quit working.  He quickly ascertained what the problem was (igniter) and promptly fixed it.  He was very kind and honest – and his pricing was fair, too.  I would

highly recommend this company for any of your appliance repair needs!  They are awesome! :)” ~ Sheri Halberg

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