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New Refrigerators—Recalls & Service calls

Information about technical recalls and service calls

Have you recently purchased a new refrigerator only to experience several problems with it? Is your refrigerator only a few years old, yet it acts older than the one you replaced? Are you spending a lot of time making service calls to the manufacturer to find simple answers but not getting any? Are you aware of whether or not your new refrigerator is under recall?

Sometimes refrigerator repairs are under a manufacturer’s recall. If you have issues with your refrigerator and ask Snohomish County’s Appliance Mechanics to diagnose your unit, we will tell you if necessary repairs are under recall. Therefore, your manufacturer’s extended warranty could cover a portion of the payment.

Recalls happen all the time and are easy to handle if you are familiar with them. Researching the product before buying saves you from finding problems later. There are many ways to check for recalls.

  • Be warned that not all manufacturers have to report problems as recalls. Manufacturers are only required to inform about specific problems that cause injuries. All other problems need an experienced appliance mechanic and are considered regular maintenance issues.
  • Be sure to keep your refrigerator make and model # on hand before checking sites or calling manufacturers. It will help you find information faster.

Recall Information

You can visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission website, There, you can search for any product and find recalls and further manufacturer information. If you need help using the website, read this helpful article from*: Appliance Recalls Happen: Here’s how to check before buying.

* If you are a man and need to go to this site, your masculinity is safe.

You can also browse recalls by your refrigerator’s brand at They provide free email notifications that report recalls against any of your home appliances. 

ApplianceFaqs is an excellent website dedicated to helping people find the best new appliances with refrigerator recall information. is always an excellent source for up-to-date product information and recalls.

What if the problem is not a recall?

We’ve given you a few ideas to learn more about your refrigerator and recall situations. At the same time, you may have complex problems that are not all under recall, including replacement parts or other circumstances. (Even if your refrigerator is still under warranty.) Perhaps you’ve had enough with searching websites, and you’ve been on the phone for days with the manufacturer.

Did being on the phone with a manufacturer’s technical support trigger an anxiety attack? If your fingers hurt from pressing multiple buttons just to talk to a live person, rest assured you can stop. 

You may have more questions. How do you know the problem, who’s responsible, and most importantly, how do you save money and time on a major kitchen appliance you just purchased. The last thing you want is to spend more money or have someone overcharge you unnecessarily. Refrigerators are supposed to have over a ten-year life span. What do you do?

Don’t Panic. Call Appliance Mechanics!

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Appliance Mechanics will easily service your refrigerator and all of its problems. No matter what complications you are experiencing, our technicians will explain exactly what the problems mean.

Your Appliance Mechanics technician calls those frustrating support lines for you and will stay with you until your product is fully functional. Appliance Mechanics is familiar with several major appliance companies, and we have a direct relationship with them. No need to pull your hair out while on hold. 

Appliance Mechanics has over 20 years of experience in the home appliance industry. We are Snohomish County’s #1 preferred major appliance repair service provider.

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When you call a refrigerator repair company in Snohomish County, you expect honest service from a trusted company. When you call Appliance Mechanics, you will only get the truth about what is wrong with your major household appliance. You will receive respect at an affordable price. You will only get upfront, sincere, in-person support, plus a clear, accurate diagnostic of what is wrong with your appliance. Then, we fix your appliance promptly.

There is no stress scheduling an appointment with Appliance Mechanics. You do not have to wait around all day or take off work to have your appliance fixed. We provide our customers with a 2-hour window to expect the arrival of your technician. We respect your time because we know you have better things to do.

Appliance Mechanics provides you with:

  • Over 20 years of major appliance experience
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“These guys are top-notch, specifically Oliver. These folks spent a significant amount of time fixing my awful, expensive, KitchenAid fridge that is only three years old and has needed several repairs core to the machine’s functionality.

While I did go through KitchenAid to get to Appliance Mechanics, AM was able to not only get me parts but explained how some of these known defects were under recall orders and are covered by the company’s extended warranty (KitchenAid never mentioned this to me, but since Whirlpool is a trash company, I’m not shocked, but this is a topic for a different day). AM could’ve charged me a lot of money, but they did not and went above and beyond to get my fridge where it needs to be for what I would understate as minimal cost. 

The next time one of my garbage KitchenAid product(s) break(s), I will be specifically instructing KitchenAid to route my work order to AM.” ~ Daren Mohammed

Recalls and service calls.

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