Ice maker and Freezer Repair

Ice maker and Freezer Repair

It’s an agonizing 94 degrees. Sweat is a permanent part of your daily existence and sticking your head in the freezer is now a part-time activity. You’re locked in your home because it’s too hot to go anywhere. You invite a few friends over, pop open some cold drinks, put your feet up and stream your favorite show about psychic-forensic-crime-solving-teens surviving on a remote island.

Your friends come over while you open snacks. “Who wants an icy beverage?” You yell over the 24 blaring fans, sucking the electricity out of the sockets faster than you can pay PUD.

Then the horror begins. You open the freezer only to realize that the empty ice machine is not supplying ice and the freezer is dark and warm! You check the fuse box, which is working, so the only thing you can do is sit and panic.

How will you find out what is happening on your favorite show? How will you stay cool in the hot weather? 

You have to fix this situation, NOW. You can’t let this one go. Why isn’t your freezer working? You’re friends dart out of your house and leave you alone…with no ice.

Don’t Panic. Call Appliance Mechanics! (425) 212-9076

Call us first when you need the most trusted freezer and ice machine repair experts in Lake Stevens. We have been repairing major appliances for several years and have built a reputation for being fast, affordable, and trustworthy. We will fix your problem quickly so you can return to your friends and psychic detectives.

With over 50 years of combined experience, the Team at Appliance Mechanics is an exceptional choice for your residential appliance service needs.

We offer the highest quality service in the industry and we are ready to provide you with repair and maintenance work on all your major appliances. Our appliance maintenance specialists are courteous and friendly. We pledge to provide prompt, professional services at affordable prices.

Our technicians are prepared to address any problem that may arise with your ice maker and freezer — whether it’s a fan blade replacement or a faulty thermostat sensor. No matter what the problem is, we diagnose and repair.

Appliance Mechanics also has Washington State electrical certifications few other appliance companies possess. With these certifications, we can service hardwired appliances, such as dishwashers. When a customer calls and tells us what needs fixing, we can tell them we can meet all of their requirements, not some of them.

Ice Machine Solutions

You can do a few things to help you solve the mystery of your freezer and ice maker when they begin to shut down. See our Service Page for more information.

However, if you do not have experience understanding the inner workings of your appliances, please call us first. We may be able to give you a solution over the phone. We never recommend that you fix appliances on your own and anything you choose to do is your responsibility and not of this website or Appliance Mechanics.

Cleaning your freezer and ice machine can help prevent problems. Build up can block the flow of water to the ice trays, which can cause them not to work properly.

First, remove the ice bin and toss the ice. Next, clean your freezer to ensure no residue from old food remains. Then check for any cracks or damage in your ice maker or bin holder.

Inspect the water inlet valve that provides water to the ice maker. You’ll usually find this at the back of your freezer or the bottom-front panel. Look for white residue or gummy, slimy mold-like spots. Clean these away with a dry cloth and replace them if you notice any cracks or warping.

Clean the fill tube with filtered water and a small brush, vinegar and a clean cloth if needed to remove calcium deposits from hard water.

  • Fill a small container with filtered water and place it on the floor of your freezer.
  • With a brush, remove any calcium deposits that have accumulated in the fill tube.
  • Remove any calcium buildup with anti-bacterial soap and a clean cloth if needed to remove them from hard water.

Check that no frost is building up inside your freezer. If there is, unplug your refrigerator for about 24 hours so it can defrost, and check the drain hole in your freezer floor to ensure it’s not clogged by ice. Once this is done, plug it back in and see if your ice maker starts working again.

While some repairs are simple enough to do yourself (like replacing an inlet valve), others require the experience of Appliance Mechanics, who can take your appliance apart safely without any risk of exposing you to dangerous electrical components or other hazards. 

Appliance Mechanics diagnoses and repairs the problem quickly so you can get back to your routine.

Faulty Freezers

If you have a freezer that’s not cooling, the problem could be a number of things. Sometimes it is something minor that can be fixed easily. Other times it is a fairly big task.

  • Make sure the door is properly aligned. If it’s not, you may have trouble getting your food in and out.
  • Check that the door isn’t damaged or warped. Cracks can cause the gasket to be ineffective at sealing cold air, preventing your freezer from working properly. Bent doors are also a problem. They need to close properly so that the cold air gets locked inside.
  • Look for cracks, dents, or damage that could indicate an underlying issue with the foundation. Freezers need to stay level.

Bad gasket

If your freezer is not working, the gasket could be the problem. The gasket is a rubber or foam seal that keeps food from leaking out of the freezer and keeps the air inside for cooling.

The gasket is often located on either side of the door and usually appears as an O-ring or “O” shaped piece in one of three places: 

  1. At the top edge on either side
  2. Near the bottom edge on either side
  3. Around the bottom seam, where the door meets the body.

Suppose your appliance has both doors (like double door refrigerator-freezers). In that case, additional seals called “compartments” may also require replacement if they have been damaged by slamming or other mishandling during installation or use over time.

Bad condenser fan motor

If you hear a humming sound coming from the condenser fan motor, but the compressor does not engage, the condenser fan motor may be bad. In this case, we will provide more information. We may have the parts with us or may need to order them. 

Condenser fan motors are simple devices that don’t have many moving parts. The most common reason for them to fail is when they overheat and burn out: if your unit has been running for long periods or in hot weather conditions with little airflow, this might happen (especially if lots of dust gets caught in the unit). If this happens, there’s no need to worry—we will simply replace your damaged condenser fan motor with a new one!

Do you need a new freezer or ice machine?

When you call us, we will do everything possible to save your appliance at a low cost. Sometimes, older appliances will need replacement. In this case, we will give you our best recommendations on what to do next. 

For repair and maintenance of your freezer, ice machine, or any other major home appliances,  please call Appliance Mechanics in Lake Stevens.

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