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A pile of wet clothes is the last thing you need while getting ready for work. Perhaps weird noises are coming from your dryer, or your clothes are damp after running a full cycle. Does your dryer jump around the room? These are symptoms telling you that something is wrong with your clothes dryer.

Dryers are one of the most common household appliances that break down regularly. If you notice that your dryer is running but having problems pushing through its cycle, ignoring the situation could lead to potential electrical problems. Please consult Appliance Mechanics for anything that makes you question the safety of any household appliance.

At Appliance Mechanics, we have over 45 years of combined experience repairing household appliances like ovens, ranges, dishwashers, refrigerators, and washing & drying machines. 

Appliance Mechanics is an exceptional choice for your residential appliance service needs if you live in Lake Stevens.

If your dryer is acting up or not working properly, the most important thing to do is:

Don’t Panic. Call Appliance Mechanics!

Appliance Mechanics is your local dryer repair service in Lake Stevens. We have repair technicians with years of experience repairing most models of dryers. Our technicians are experts in troubleshooting the problems with your dryer and provide solutions to fix your machine quickly. 

Our technicians are experienced, certified, and respectful of your home.

Our technicians will come to your home and look at the problem you may be having with your clothes dryer. You don’t have to worry about waiting around for days on end for someone to come out because our professional technicians will get there as soon as possible!

In order to identify and correct your appliance’s issues, our technicians use various advanced diagnostic techniques. Some of these include specialized tools and equipment. These techniques help us quickly and accurately identify the problem so we can move forward with repairs as soon as possible. They also allow us to identify any safety hazards before starting repairs on your machine.

We understand how important it is for you to have your clothes dryer up and running again so that life can return to normal; therefore, we work hard to get technicians out quickly so that they can diagnose problems effectively and efficiently. 

We will find the problem, offer you a solution, and provide information for your components' future maintenance.

We specialize in diagnosing dryer problems, identifying safety issues if they exist, and providing solutions to quickly get your dryer working again. We fix gas powered and electric dryers. We look forward to returning your dryer to work because no one wants a pile of wet clothes.

Appliance Mechanics provides a smarter solution to getting your dryer working again. We offer faster service, at a better price, with the same quality. We specialize in diagnosing dryer problems, identifying safety issues if they exist, and providing solutions to quickly get your dryer working again.

We Service Most Popular Dryer Name Brands.

Our team is familiar with the common diagnoses that occur with dryers and oven equipment. We have experience for most Major Appliances brands.

We Quickly Order and Replace Dryer Parts.

  • Please note parts differ as per manufacturer, and your service technician can help you decide whether replacement makes sense in your situation.

Common Clothes Dryer Problems

If you are having trouble with your dryer, there are a few different ways to troubleshoot the problem. These are some common problems that can keep your dryer from working properly.

The Dryer Won’t Start

 First, you need to check that the dryer has power. If the dryer isn’t starting, it could be because it is not receiving power. A blown fuse would prevent this from happening, as would a faulty start switch or faulty supply line. You might also consider checking for a broken door switch which will keep the dryer from powering up completely. An overfilled lint screen can prevent proper airflow through the machine, lead to overheating, and even fire if not addressed quickly.

The Dryer Makes Strange Noises.

If you hear a loud clanking noise when your dryer’s running, there might be a problem with its drum rollers or bearings. You’ll need to take the dryer apart and replace these components. There’s also a possibility that the drum has caught a foreign object rattling around inside the machine.

The Dryer Won’t Heat.

The dryer’s thermal fuse may have blown if the dryer received a surge of electricity. Lint build-up will keep a dryer from heating. An overloaded dryer may be too heavy and will not dry the clothes.

The Dryer Starts and Stops

The thermostat, thermal fuse, and thermal resistor detect if the dryer is overheating. If it is, these parts will stop mid-use. A dryer overheats because airflow is restricted.

Clothes Do Not Dry.

If the heating coils are a problem, it can be caused by excess heat pulling on them. A heavily loaded dryer, unclean vent, or clogged ventilation system can weaken the coils. The heat will not extract from the coils properly.

Contact Appliance Mechanics.

Appliance Mechanics repairs the above problems more professionally and courteously. Excellent customer experience is our highest priority.  

Appliance Mechanics is your #1 appliance repair service in Lake Stevens, Everett, and all areas in and around Snohomish.

These guys were great!  Oliver was my technician and he was top notch.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these guys whatsoever.  Thanks for the great service! ~Chris I., Everett

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