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Appliance Mechanics is your #1 choice for home appliance repair services.

When you own a house, countless projects, plans and items need your attention. You have several lists for improvements, maintenance, deep cleaning, and shopping for things that need replacing. Owning a house is a never-ending cycle of repairs, and another challenge includes how to carry out those repairs. If you own a house, you have turned into your own maintenance worker. If an appliance breaks, you may want to think twice about repairing it yourself.

You may have spent numerous hours on YouTube learning how to save a buck to fix a broken appliance. How many hours do you search Google figuring out how to mend something when you would rather spend time with family?

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Several house projects are safe for you to repair and maintain by yourself. Yes, you can save money when you learn how to repair items in your home, maintain or remodel. If you take on something dangerous with little experience, it may cost you a ton.

Other items not suitable for do-it-yourself projects are appliances that require electricity or plumbing. When an electrical or plumbing appliance breaks, you need to call a professional appliance mechanic.


If you live in King County, and you are experiencing a broken appliance— Don't Panic!


Appliance Mechanics provides King County with reputable, reliable, and high-quality service. Our technicians are exceptional maintenance professionals with a total of over 45 years of experience. Our team is highly trained, educated, and knowledgeable about appliance maintenance and repair. We possess Washington State electrical certifications that allow us to service hardwired appliances (e.g., dishwashers) while some appliance repair companies do not.

Most often, our experienced technicians witness the same repeating problems with appliances. We understand the standard mechanics and operational functions of each appliance. We also know the companies that make them and any previous issues with their products. We diagnose appliances quickly because we understand why they break.

We will find the problem. Offer you a solution, plus provide information for the future maintenance of your component. We will teach you about your appliance so that it will stay functional for a long time. 

Call us before you buy new.

You may think an appliance is beyond repair and want to buy a new one. A good appliance mechanic is honest and will tell you if you need a new one. There is a better chance that we can fix the appliance. We will help you decide if the purchase of a new appliance is necessary. It is important to us that you save time and money. We do our best to help.

Nany A.Seattle, Washington
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When our 22-year-old Asko washing machine would not spin or agitate, everyone said I needed to buy a new one. But I preferred to try to repair the machine I had, and based on the Yelp reviews, scheduled an appointment. Carlos immediately set to work, and in an hour, the machine was back in business, with the motor brushes replaced. He knew exactly what to do, and he did it efficiently. I HIGHLY recommend this service.

We provide exceptional maintenance and repairs on:

  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Ice Makers 
  • Gas and Electric Stoves
  • Ovens
  • Ranges
  • Dishwashers
  • Microwaves
  • See our Service Pages for more details on repairable appliances.

(We order and replace parts on most major name brand appliances.)

Scheduling Appointment is Easy

You can schedule an appointment within a two-hour window. Never again do you have to wait 12 hours for a mechanical technician to arrive at your home. Our technicians are prompt and respectful of your time.

If you have taken on a do-it-yourself project and can’t fix it yourself, we are happy to save you time and money to take a second look. You never have to worry about embarrassment. We understand your concern and have probably seen your case before. Whatever you do—Don’t Panic. Call Appliance Mechanics. 

Your positive customer experience is important to us. We make sure to fix your appliance so you can spend more time with family and get back to your life.

Contact us by phone. ☎️ (425) 212-9076, or feel free to use our easily accessible contact form. Just tell us your home appliance repair issue, and we’ll get right back to you.